Project 2
  • Humanita

  • Company: Humanita
  • Sector: Recycling
  • Date: 2015
  • Status: Invested
  • Total Investments: €4,295,000
  • BlackPeak Investments: €1,950,000
  • Co-Investor(s): Innovation Cloud

Humanita is a clothing recycling business established by Reiner Ziegmund, a German national living in Bulgaria.

The Company is one of the leading second-hand clothing retail chains in Bulgaria, operating both locally and globally. The company exports to key markets for second-hand clothes including Europe, Africa, and Asia.  

It is also the leader in Bulgaria in the fast growing market of cleaning cloths production for industrial usage. The firm produces environmentally friendly, cotton cleaning items, complying with the requirements of the German standard DIN6150.

The investment will enable Humanita to construct a new sorting and recycling facility with capacity of up to 3 million items per month as well as establish online presence for the re-sale of second-hand clothing. 

Humanita has also implemented a nation-wide program for collection and recycling of used clothers aimed at supporting the Red Cross.

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